Today we’re talking about the agency fees in different countries.

What are these costs for, how do they work, and who should pay them?


Going through an agency and paying theses fees allows you several things, firstly: security.

By signing a lease with an agency, you can be sure that everything is in order and that you will not have any problem with your landlord or the agency. This also helps protect your deposit, when you go through an agency, your deposit is entered in a register and you keep proof of it.Another important point is the number of properties for rent which is specified to go through an agency. Finding a rental without an agency offers you even less security, choice and possibility.


Depending on the country, the agency fees for the rental are different, and are not always paid by the landlord.


Spain:  the cost is usually paid by the tenant. If the lease is less than a year, the usual service charge is equal to one month’s rent, plus 21% value-added tax. The service fee for renting for more than one year is 10% + 21% value-added tax of the annual rent.

Of course, it depends of the agency, but usually this is how the renting market works in Barcelona.


USA between 8 – 12% of the monthly rental value of the property, like in Spain.


France, the agency fees paid by the tenant are fixed according to the size in square meters of the apartment, as well as its geographical position. However, there is a law which allows not to exceed a certain ceiling.


Germany: there is no agency fees for the tenant, but for the landlord, who commissions the agent to find a new tenant.


if you want to rent out your property but are hesitant to go through an agency, be aware that this represents an additional cost at the start, but it saves you time and peace of mindDo not hesitate to contact us by phone or email, we answer all your questions




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