How to avoid scam

  If you are not ready to enter the market, then your rental experience may become a real disaster. For everyone who wants to successfully rent a place without dealing with fraud and its dark schemes, it is necessary to have some basic knowledge about scammers and their tricks. We have prepared a list of ultimate tips, which will teach you how to find rental scammers while looking for your ideal residence, and prepare to train you to be a real rental expert.


Dealing in cash


The most popular way to perform black money operations is to work only with cash. For scammers, the reason the handling of actual dollars is so important is that the money cannot be traced at all. Therefore, once you pay them for a comfortable new place, they can spend your money all around the world


However, you can rent by cash but it must be explicitly written on a contract to make sure both parts agree with this and sign.


Do a visit before


It’s quite important to visit the property you’re interested in before signing any papers. See if the flat/house really matches with the pictures is primordial. It seems logical to do it but it’s really important for people who try to rent a house in another city during the relocation process. Basically, even if this happens, you should make sure that your friends, family members or trustees visit the landlord’s unit and conduct an inspection.



Always sign a written lease.


A written lease signed by both parties allows you to be safe about frauds and scam. Don’t forget to get a copy of it, like the landlord.


Sub leasing is not always a good idea


Subleasing can be very dangerous because in most cases, you don’t know if the current tenant is allowed by the landlord to do a sublease. the landlord can evict both of you if the sub-lease is forbidden by the original contract. Subleasing could be very attractive in terms of price and flexibility but it’s still a dangerous way to rent.




We also advise you to check the market prices before making a decision. Some flats don’t deserve the price they ask for it and you could maybe not realize it. So, make some research on the internet about the real prices in the city/neighborhood you’re looking for.


You’re now ready to rent a unit without any risks !