Your rental property is your livelihood, so you’ll want to take the proper steps to make sure you’re hiring the best manager to oversee it. Hiring the wrong person can lead to increases vacancies and lost rent.

You wouldn’t rent your property without screening the tenant first, and you should be just as thorough in choosing your property manager.

Barcelona’s reputation is well established. Young workers, students, and even families come to the city all year round  seduced by the Barcelona lifestyle .

This demographic  usually prefer/can only afford to rent a property rather than to buy it and it’s why the rental market in Barcelona is expanding.


Managing your property from abroad can be very difficult, if you decide to let a company manage your property, here are several tips for you to choose the good one.


1: Ask your colleagues or friends for Referral.


Asking people about their experience is a great way to help you to choose the good company. However, try to ask to several people to be sure you’re not facing someone who was lucky or unlucky.


2: Do your own research online.


Do some research online. You can check property managers you’re already considering, as well as find new names.

Once you have a few names, check each management company’s website, including mission statements. Look for reviews on sites like Yelp or Facebook. Focus on the reviews from owners, if a tenant is disgruntled about not having their deposit returned, remember that is a positive for an owner as the manager is protecting the asset.


3:Contact the companies you’re interested in.


Of course, contact the company seems logical, but make sure you’re asking the good questions such as:

What is your management fees and what do they include?

Will I have one point of contact?

How many properties do you manage?

Do you have a 24-hour number for  emergency?

Will they offer services while the flat is empty? What services will they include?

Will they be in charge of taxes, cleaning, community fees, insurance?

Do they have a protection service to avoid squatter?


Other important questions to consider are:

What is the procedure to protect the property from damages?

How much money do you require in reserves for emergencies?

What items or dollar amount repairs will you cover before contacting me?

Will you handle court proceedings if a tenant has to be evicted?


The best property company will be one that will combine a very good responsiveness to problems, with experience, and which offers reasonable prices as well as a personal relationship with owner and tenant


Ruby Bcn is one of the only management companies in Barcelona that offer a full and comprehensive service for 8.33% per month. They include:

  1. Collecting the rent
  2. Creating and registering rental contract
  3. Security anti squatters
  4. Emergencies management 24/7
  5. Cleaning services
  6. Laundry services
  7. Maintenance of properties




Ruby also offer to look after empty homes with an a la carte list of services at your disposal.



For more details see the web https://rubybcn.com/ or call +34 937 975 602 or email to [email protected]





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