Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city where you can create many relationships. One of the ways to form a new friendship is through co-living. As it is quite expensive to rent a flat alone, renting a room is the perfect way to have fun, save money and enjoy social life with people from all over the world.

TIP 1– Look at description of the flat
Avoid surprises by carefully reading all of the advert. Taking into consideration important questions; Are charges included? Is there a washing machine? Nearby transport? Are pets allowed? Do you have an elevator?
nb. If you rent a property, it is essential that you take photos of the condition of the property when you move in and when you leave and send it via email on the date of capture. This can help you resolve issues that may arise when your lease expires.

TIP 2– Relationships are key
Rooming can be the best experience of your life as well as the worst. To avoid any problem, meet all the residents, know what they do in life and what they like. Relevant questions are; Are they the same age as you? Do they have the same interests? Are you all people who like to party or do you prefer quiet living? Are they tidy? A good personality match will make for a better rooming experience

TIP 3- Watch out for scams
Do not rent your room until you are actually in the city and can visit the place. If the thought of finding your room when you arrive can be comforting, it may not always be what you were hoping for. Some online adverts do not reflect the actual appearance of the apartment. Visit the flat before making an offer. Be realistic and don’t let yourself be seduced by bargains.

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